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Dec 1, 2021

Language milestones are a hot topic. When should my baby be speaking? And how many words? So much is tied up in our ability to communicate with our little people. On today’s episode of My New Life, we call in the experts to get your baby talking! 


While the timeline for those treasured first words varies from child to child, there are some time-tested tricks to help the process along. Spoiler: Don’t be afraid to sing to your child. Jessica Rolph, your host, is accompanied by speech language experts Bridget Hillsberg and Brooke Dwyer, aka The Speech Sisters.


Key Takeaways:

[1:54] How much is nature vs nurture when it comes to a child developing language?

[3:13] Bridget and Brooke talk about their babies’ language development.

[4:47] The Speech Sisters’ number one tip for parents: imitate.

[6:05] What’s the difference between baby talk and imitating? 

[8:01] Another tip for parents: Act it out.

[9:25] Listening, labeling, and demonstrating play an important role in encouraging language development.

[12:37] What constitutes saying the first word versus babbling? If you know what they mean when they say it, does that count as a word? 

[13:23] How much should a child be talking? What’s typical? And when should we worry?

[16:04] Bridget and Brooke share stories about children who received early intervention to assist in their language development.

[18:25] Can a child learn language through screens?

[21:17] How much of a child’s language development stems from parent intervention versus screens or some other outside service?

[23:15] Parents have a tremendous impact on their children’s language acquisition. 


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