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Sep 22, 2021

Feeding, diapering, dressing, soothing. At times, it feels like we’re merely surviving those early months. When in overdrive, pausing to observe doesn’t always come naturally, but looking and listening before responding to your baby or toddler can lead to some surprising discoveries about your child, and yourself! Something called RIE parenting is founded on that principle. RIE was created in 1978 by a woman named Magda Gerber. The basis of Magda’s RIE philosophy is respect for the child, and it asks us to examine our power in caring for these little beings.


Jessica  Rolph, your host, welcomes Hannah Olavarria to today’s episode, she has been trained in the foundations of RIE and is half of the parenting duo behind Upbringing, along with her twin sister, Kelty. Hannah shares how she has been incorporating RIE into their parenting and coaching for years.


Key Takeaways:

[1:58] What does RIE represent?

[2:49] What is Hannah’s experience with RIE as a mother?

[5:03] What does the RIE method for parents of babies really look like?

[8:23] Hannah talks about the RIE way to speak to a baby.

[11:55] Some RIE practitioners object to tummy time and Hannah gives her perspective on this.

[15:20] What does a typical “Yes space” look like?

[18:13] Hannah breaks down Upbringing’s 10 Freedoms, starting with the Freedom to Struggle.

[19:15] Hannah explains what the Freedom to Choose looks like for a baby and a toddler.

[23:07] There is no one parenting philosophy that fits all parents. 


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