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Dec 28, 2022

Switching your child from a crib to bed can be a big milestone! Most sleep experts recommend waiting until your child is around three years old. 


Jessica Rolph, your host,  is joined by Dana Obleman to discuss what factors might go into that timing. Dana is an Infant and Child Sleep Consultant and the creator of The Sleep Sense Program.



[1:08] What are the signs that your child is ready to make the switch from a crib to a bed? 

[1:50] What should parents do when their child is climbing out of the crib?

[3:30] How much weight should parents give to their children's request to be in a big bed? 

[4:39] Night training in a bed: Will your child keep you up all night with requests to go to the potty? 

[6:13] What can parents do when their child is potty trained during the day but not as confident at night?

[8:02] If parents are welcoming a new sibling and want to use the crib for the baby, how should they manage this situation with their toddler? 

[9:45] Is there anything parents can do to make the crib more comfortable for an older child? 

[11:17] How can you best prepare a child for this transition?

[13:11] What kind of bed does Dana recommend parents transition to? 

[14:06] How concerned should parents be about the child rolling out?

[14:56] What kind of child-proofing needs to happen when a child has access to the bedroom at night? 

[16:14] What are some positive ways to handle night waking? 

[17:43] Dana speaks about co-sleeping.

[19:52] Does Dana have tips for parents that were co-sleeping and now making the switch?

[21:09] Dana explains why sleep is a skill.

[21:58] Jessica shares the key takeaways from her conversation with Dana Obleman.


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