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Oct 19, 2022

Screens are hard to avoid in today’s world, and when our children do have access, turning them off can bring on some big emotions! Have you ever wondered why they have these oversized reactions? Or how to avoid them?


My New Life host Jessica Rolph is joined by  Dr. Martha Deiros Collado, a psychologist specializing in family therapy who has her own podcast called Talking Sense, and an Instagram presence at @dr.martha.psychologist. Listen to today’s episode for simple tips to bring more harmony to the conclusion of screen time. 



[1:03] Does Dr. Martha use screens with her three-year-old?

[2:11] Which shows does Dr. Martha consider appropriate for her daughter? 

[3:29] A listener asks for help managing her 3 year old’s big reactions every time she turns off the screen.

[4:19] What is a parent to do about these meltdowns?

[7:41] What is actually happening in the child’s brain while they are engaged with a screen?

[11:22] Is there any evidence that the type of programming can affect children’s behavior? 

[13:55] Does sticking to a schedule or having some kind of routine around screens help with limit setting?

[16:02] Another parent shares a questions about timing exposure to screens.

[18:23] Should parents use screen time as a reward? And what about withholding screens as a punishment?

[23:55] What are some best practices around modeling moderation for our children?

[27:18] Jessica shares takeaways from her conversation with Dr. Martha.


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