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Jun 2, 2021

Child nutrition and early brain development are profoundly linked. What goes into our babies, is essential to their brain growth. But that’s not to say achieving those optimal inputs is easy! The picky-eater routine can wear down even the most steadfast parent, and If we’re not careful, mealtime can become a battleground.


Jessica Rolph, your host, is accompanied today by Specialist Pediatric Dietitian Dr. Bahee Van de Bor. Learn valuable tips for parents challenged with keeping their strong-willed babies healthy.


Key Takeaways:

[1:48] Did you know a child may need up to 10 encounters with a new food before trying it?

[3:04] What approaches to feeding help nurture an adventurous eater?

[5:35] What are some common reasons why toddlers become picky eaters?

[9:54] Dr. Bahee shares her perspective on disguising veggies (for example, hiding foods like cauliflower or broccoli in other foods).

[12:07] Is it recommended that parents insist on their children trying new flavors, even when they reject it?

[13:11] How to avoid creating pressure around mealtime.

[14:43] Dr. Bahee gives a few strategies to try with children who only want sweets.

[16:05] Can snacking have a negative impact on the child’s health?

[17:39] How should parents approach their children’s variation in appetite?

[18:11] Dr. Bahee expands on how to transform a picky eater into a more expansive eater.


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