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Jun 16, 2021

Maple syrup, beet sugar, molasses, honey… there are so many alternatives to refined sugar. But despite a parent’s best efforts, it’s hard to avoid the processed stuff all together. And is that really the best approach anyhow? How much sugar restriction is too much? Can it backfire? Jessica Rolph welcomes Registered Dietitian Jennifer Anderson to the show. She is the mom behind Kids Eat In Color. Her specialty is forming healthy eating habits in the home.


Key Takeaways:

[1:54] The government released the first-ever dietary guidelines for infants and toddlers recommending no added sugar for children under age 2. Does this mean you should be making your kid’s first birthday cake with beet sugar?

[4:36] Jennifer gives suggestions to parents who have mostly avoided sugar for their baby, and want to introduce sugar after two.

[6:38] Jennifer talks about how overly restricting sugar for children can backfire.

[8:54] Consider this alternative to: No dessert until you finish your veggies!

[13:22] How do we encourage our kids to love veggies?

[15:22] Jennifer and Jessica discuss intuitive eating.

[18:27] Jennifer reviews the top questions she hears from parents who struggle to feed their toddlers.


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