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Dec 14, 2022

Navigating the ups and downs of divorce looks different in each situation, but there are some universal ways to make it easier on our children. These start with better communication — rules around communicating that put your child first.


Here to help us establish some of these best practices is Dr. Tamara Afifi, a professor in Interpersonal Health Communication at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her TedX Talk The impact of divorce on children has been viewed some 700,000 times. 



[1:29] What are the most common issues that you see with families confronting divorce? 

[2:34] What kind of communication is not positive for children?

[3:59] How does divorce affect children in the short-term?  

[5:06] What can divorced parents do to support their children’s resiliency over time?

[6:25] What are some best practices for divorced parents?

[9:47] A listener shares a question about maintaining consistency when it comes to childcare.

[11:45] How does divorce impact young children differently? 

[13:18]  We are closer to our children than in previous generations. How has this changed the way that children experience divorce? 

[14:30] How can we differentiate between a divorce-related behavior and something else that might need to get addressed? 

[16:07] Tammy zooms the lens out and offers some perspective.

[18:58] Jessica shares her top takeaways.


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