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Dec 29, 2021

Waldorf education has become increasingly popular in recent decades. Supporters champion the creativity and independent thinking that it fosters, but some critics say it fails to prepare children for the “real” world, where things like competition and technology cannot be avoided.


Jessica Rolph welcomes Dr. Natasha Beck to today’s episode. She holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and has a Master’s in Public Health. Mom to three children and pregnant with her fourth, Dr. Beck is known to her social following as Dr. Organic Mommy, and much of her parenting is built around the principles of Waldorf.


Key Takeaways:

[1:33] Why did Natasha choose a Waldorf school for her first child?

[2:18] Natasha shares some of her favorite Waldorf teaching methods.

[4:07] What are Waldorf children not doing, in contrast to other preschoolers?

[5:38] Natasha explains how writing and reading instruction works in Waldorf schools.

[8:16] Ways in which Waldorf teachers create a language-rich environment without defaulting to storybooks.

[10:34] How can we bring some of the Waldorf philosophy and creativity into our homes?

[12:26] In Waldorf, screen time is a huge no-no. So no movies, no devices, or any other screens are allowed at school or at home. What’s the rationale behind that guideline?

[14:25] At what age does Natasha recommend introducing some media?


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